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What Are Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules?

Example: Setting up a simple 10% Off Order with Coupon Rule in Magento

In Magento, Shopping Cart Price Rules are discounts that are applied once the consumer navigates to the shopping cart, either automatically or by use of a coupon or discount code. For information on Magento’s Catalog Price Rules, click here.

Step 1: Define Your Offer

Before you set up a Shopping Cart Price Rule in Magento, you must first define your offer. (e.g. “10% off all green widgets” or “save 15% when you spend $99 or more).

When you’re first getting started with Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules, choose something simple. For the following example we’ll use “Save 10% off of your order with coupon SAVE10”.

You will also need to determine how long your offer will be available, whether or not to publish the offer in your RSS feed, and

Step 2: Navigate to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules

Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules

The information from Step 1 will be entered on the first tab, titled “Rule Information”

  • Name your rule (use a name that will make it clear to you what the sale is – e.g. “10% Off Complete Order”
  • Change the Status to “Active”
  • Select your customer groups (hold the “shift” key to select more than one group)
  • Coupon – Select “Specific Coupon”
  • Enter the coupon code you wish to use (in our example, this is SAVE10)
  • Uses per coupon – leave set to 0 (unless you want to only allow the coupon to be used a certain number of times)
  • Uses per customer – leave blank unless your store does not allow guest checkout
  • Choose a From Date and a To Date – Magento Note: natively allows only for selection of date, not time of day. Time zone will be based on the time you set as your time zone in System > Configuration > General > Local Options
  • Leave “Public in RSS Feed” set to Yes

Step 3: Click the Conditions Tab

Set your conditions if applicable. For our example, there are no conditions – we are simply allowing the user to use our coupon code to save 10% off of their complete order.

An example of a condition would include if you were requiring the person to make a minimum order for the coupon to work. For more information on setting up complex conditions, click here.

Step 4: Click the Actions Tab

Select “Percent of product price discount”

Enter 10 in the Discount amount field.

The rest of the fields can be left as they are for this example. See Screenshot below. Save your rule!

Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules Actions

Be sure to test your Magento Shopping Price Rules and make sure they’re functioning as expected before you distribute your coupon code. If you are setting a rule up in advance for later use, either activate the rule and test it for accuracy (view an affected product on the front-end of your store and ensure that the price is displaying correctly) or test it when the promotion goes live.

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