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WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: About Magento E-commerce Platform

Magento is our platform of choice for building eCommerce websites. Magento is “an open source, cloud-based digital commerce platform” for creating responsive eCommerce websites.

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There are a few solutions that allow for different levels of management and control.

The Community Edition is their open source software ideal for developers and merchants who want to explore the capabilities of Magento.

The Enterprise Edition is their high performance option for fast-growing and large businesses. The Enterprise Edition offers a slew of extensions, integrations, partners, and support services. Some general features of the Enterprise Edition include: setting promotional pricing, creating coupon codes, generating a Google sitemap automatically, applying redirects, and customizing catalog management notifications.

Commerce Order Management Suite is their omnichannel fulfillment system (also somewhat of an inventory management system). It connects all sales channels, gathers information, and controls processes and orders.

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While we generally recommend Magento to all of our eCommerce website design clients, it’s often recognized for its ability to handle large inventories with complex ordering processes. That’s why many leading brands (such as Zumiez, Franklin, Ghirardelli, Olympus, and Precor, to name a few) are powered by it.

If you’re an eCommerce merchant interested in replatforming with Magento, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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