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What are Magento Catalog Price Rules?

Magento Catalog Price Rules are used to offer discounts or special pricing on large groups of products in your Magento Store based on attributes or categories that they have in common. For example, you may want to offer 10% off an entire category of products for a set period of time, or you may want to offer 10% off all products that share an attribute such as a color or size.

When you use a Catalog Price Rule in Magento, the discounted price will be applied to the products themselves as a sale price – there is no coupon needed and the customer knows the sale price throughout their shopping experience. This differs from a Shopping Cart Price Rule, in that the sale or promotional price is not calculated or displayed until the shopper is looking at the shopping cart price rule. If you are interested in learning more about Catalog Price Rules, let us know in the comments!

Step 1: Answer the following questions:

  • What are you putting on sale?
  • For how long will it be on sale?
  • Who is eligible for the sale price? (e.g. logged in users, wholesale customers, all users)

Step 2: Navigate to Promotions > Catalog Price Rules and select New Rule

Catalog Price Rules Magento

The information from Step 1 will be entered on the first tab, titled “Rule Information

  • Name your rule (use a name that will make it clear to you what the sale is – e.g. “10% Off Knee Socks”
  • Change the Status to “Active”
  • Select your customer groups (hold the “shift” key to select more than one group)
  • Choose a From Date and a To Date – Magento Note: natively allows only for selection of date, not time of day. Time zone will be based on the time you set as your time zone in System > Configuration > General > Local Options

Step 3: Click the Conditions Tab

  • Set your conditions – this may be simple, or it may be complex, depending on your promotion details.

Examples: One category is on sale:

Catalog Price Rules Conditions

Two categories are on sale:


All Red Products are on sale (in this example, there is an attribute called “Color” with “Red” as a value, and that attribute has “Use for Promo Rule Conditions set to Yes)


Step 4: Click the Actions tab

  • Choose your discount amount, and how you want to apply it:

Catalog Price Rules - Actions

  • Enable Discounts to SubProducts” – Select Yes if you are dealing with a configurable product and want the promotion to extend to all associated simple products. If not, select No.
  • Stop Further Rules Processing” – In most cases, you will want to leave “Stop further rules from processing” set to “no” – but again, this depends upon your store configuration. This option will limit people’s ability to take advantage of more than one promotion – which may be desirable, but this will vary based on your needs.
  • When you are done, click “Save and Apply” – catalog price rules must be applied before then can become active.

Be sure to test your Magento Catalog Price Rules and make sure they’re functioning as expected. If you are setting a rule up in advance for later use, either activate the rule and test it for accuracy (view an affected product on the front-end of your store and ensure that the price is displaying correctly) or test it when the promotion goes live.

Questions? Ask in the comments!

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