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ListMarketer is an email service provider located in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a company, they value responsiveness, engagement, innovation, diligence and intuition. These values, along with their platform’s propriety features, set it apart from their competitors.

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ListMarketer email marketing software is built for power, precision and performance. There are 2 email marketing solutions to choose from (SmartSender and the Enterprise), both of which allow you to easily manage all of your email marketing through a simple and easy-to-use interface.

SmartSender technology protects your IP reputation, managing IP speeds based on real-time feedback from SMTP transactions with AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and other. It works to ensure your IP is protected by controlling the rate at which the server sends your emails.

Their Enterprise technology is built for sending email at high volumes (1 – 10 million messages per day). The Enterprise also allows for advanced deliverability strategies and offers IntelliBounce, which helps update the status of the subscriber and manages SMTPs.

Both versions of their software feature a control panel, various reporting features, campaign text and HTML preview, autoresponders, advanced import tools, a customizable email footer tool, per-campaign functions, and IP group rotation. The company’s software also features many standard email features, such as URL tracking, list management, custom data fields, and subscription forms.

It offers a free trial to get started. It’s ideal for companies that are concerned with IP reputation and email deliverability, especially if sending at high volumes.

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