Difference Between Keywords & Matched Search Query in Google Analytics

When analyzing paid search for e-commerce, it’s important to look at both keywords and matched search queries in Google Analytics to measure the full effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns.

Keywords versus Matched Search Queries

Keywords data in Google Analytics comes directly from your Google Ads campaigns. Looking at your keywords in Google Analytics lets you better evaluate which keywords and ad groups have the highest bounce rate, are getting the most clicks, converting the best, generating the most revenue, and more. This report is easily accessed in reporting under acquisition –> Google Ads –> keywords.

Matched search queries data is pulled from Google Ads and consists of the exact searches typed into Google that generated clicks on your ads. Since you can’t add keywords in Google Shopping, this is the only way to analyze keyword performance for Google Shopping campaigns. This is invaluable information for measuring which keywords are resulting in the most transactions and revenue. This report is easily accessed in reporting under acquisition –> Google Ads –> search queries.

Advanced filter applied on product performance report with search queries secondary dimension.

Both search queries and keywords data can be applied as a first or secondary dimension to almost all data segments and reports, allowing for deeper understanding of which keywords drive product and sales performance. Here is an example of a product performance report with a paid traffic audience segment and matched search query second dimension.

Advanced filter showing matched search query as second dimension on product performance report


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