Keyword Research for E-commerce

Keywords are phrases or strings of words used by people to find what they are looking for on the internet. People search on search engines like Bing and Google, social media sites, social networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, and Digg, comparison shopping engines like Amazon and, information discovery websites like Quora, Wikipedia, and Yahoo answers, and even on a website’s search bar.

Types of keywords

Broad Keyword – “Nike Shoes” or “Women’s Nike Shoes” Long Tail Keyword – “Women’s Nike lace-up shoes for sale online” Local Keyword – “Women’s Nike shoes Aptos, CA” Search engine bots periodically crawl websites and their individual pages in a process called indexing. The bots decide what a particular website is about and how relevant and useful it is to its intended users. The goal of keyword research for eCommerce is to find the best keywords that tell your potential customers and search engines what the website is about, with an end result of the website being indexed as close as possible to the top of the search engine results page for those chosen keywords. Keyword research for eCommerce - how to make your products show on the first page of Google For example, a website that sells women’s Nike athletic shoes online wants users who type “Women’s Athletic Shoes” in Google to find their website on the first page of results. However, users who search for “Women’s grey athletic Nike dual fusion shoes size 9”, “white Nike running shoes with blue stripe”, “Womens running shoes for overpronation” and “buy Women’s tennis shoes online” should ideally be able to find and purchase shoes from this website. For organic SEO, this goal can be accomplished by researching and using long tail keywords with the best traffic statistics, lowest competition, and best relevancy to the website. These keywords are utilized on each page that is being optimized and added to the on page content, meta titles, descriptions and image tags. These keywords can also be used for potential customers to find you through paid channels like Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Amazon and more.

Keyword Research Strategy for eCommerce

It is important to think about how customers discover your website as well as what influences them to purchase. Keep the following things in mind when you begin looking for keywords to use in your content marketing and SEO strategy.
  • Is this website online only or local? – If the site also sells locally, make sure to include the physical location in your keywords on your home page and let customers know if a product is available in the physical store.
  • What is the audience of this website? – Is this website intended for B2B or B2C audiences? What types of people buy this product? Are they men or women, how old are they, where are they located, how affluent are they, is English their primary language?
  • Relevancy. What exactly is this website offering, what do people call this product, what is the buyer persona of this product? What kinds of adjectives describe what is being sold?

Keyword Research Tools

When you are ready to start finding keywords for your eCommerce store, check out the following links. Don’t forget, you can always contact us for a free SEO audit.

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