What Is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)?

FBA logo FBA is Amazon’s fulfillment program for sellers. It’s a fulfillment option that allows sellers to send their products to Amazon’s warehouses to be stored, managed, and shipped to customers.

How Does FBA Work?

To get started, sellers must add Fulfillment by Amazon to their Selling on Amazon account. Once a seller has done that, they need to add the products they want fulfilled to Amazon’s catalog.

Fulfillment By Amazon products need to be “eCommerce ready”, so they can be safely shipped. Of course, first they must be shipped to Amazon. Amazon’s online seller tool makes shipping products to fulfillment centers easy. When customers order a seller’s product(s), Amazon then picks and ships them on behalf of the seller.

FBA products earn extra visibility with Amazon Prime members because the products are all eligible for fast and free shipping on Prime. Products are also more likely to win the Buy Box, when shipping or Buy Box eligibility requirements might be harder to achieve.

FBA Seller Requirements

There are a number of requirements sellers have to meet in order for their products to be eligible for Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon has a list of prohibited products that are not eligible, as well as they have requirements per product category. Most small, every day items are fine for FBA, but large products (like furniture, for example) are usually ineligible due to storage and shipment needs.



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