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One of the newest marketplaces to join the Internet is Jet.com. It is a shopping platform that prides itself on trying to offer the lowest prices available on everything from groceries and pet supplies to household products and automotive.


Base commissions on Jet are typically 15%, but are lower for certain items like electronics and dog or cat food. Advertisers can control competitiveness and margins by adjusting commissions based on the Rules Engine: shipping zone, order size, item returnability, and opting in to email marketing.

A unique aspect to the marketplace is the way it lists products. When a user searches for a product, it shows only one listing, and that listing is not associated with any particular seller. Jet chooses which merchant will fulfill the order based on “optimal economics” for the user’s transaction. Upon checkout, the merchant who will fill the order is confirmed and the user is then shown the retailer.

Though it is a marketplace, merchants have the opportunity to acquire customer information to use for marketing purposes. Merchants can offer additional savings to Jet shoppers if shoppers opt-in to receive email – a win-win, both for the merchant who gets customer information and the customer who receives better prices.

For more information, visit Jet Partner Portal.

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