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What is SEO Submission Software & is it Safe?

Search engine submission is the act of submitting your website to be indexed by search engines. Submitting your URL to a search engines can sometimes take up to a month to be indexed. Usually, search engine submission is done through Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools. Manual submission of your website is preferred, and recommended as a best practice by search engines. It’s important to submit your website to all search engines (despite Google, Bing and Yahoo accounting for the majority of search traffic), because smaller search engines still have millions of users. SEO submission software promises to handle site submission for you, submitting your site to various search engines, special interest sites and internet directories.  Some SEO Submission software, such as All-in-One Submission Tool, claims to be able to submit your URL to over 800,000 engines and pages. One main reason many SEOs or webmasters elect to use SEO submission software is because of their ability to build hundreds to thousands of backlinks in record time. As external linking is an important part of SEO, it makes sense as to why SEO submission software seems like a huge rankings booster and time saver. However, using SEO submission software puts you at risk for having your URL submitted to and linked from thousands of untrustworthy domains. This can cause a serious disavowment issue. SEO submission software can be considered Grey Hat, because while it’s not technically a practice that goes against search engine terms of service, it’s definitely ill-advised. The best, smartest, and safest way to build your link juice is to manually submit your site to search engines, and earn your backlinks by taking the long route.

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