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Internal Nofollow Links & Page Rank Sculpting a Bad Practice

If you use Google Chrome and have an extension for SEO (such as SEO Site Tools) it makes it very easy to see when a site has a nofollow link. The link becomes highlighted in red. If you are looking at linking practices for disavowing then it makes the process quick and easy. However, you often see these on internal links of a website on their login, terms & conditions, cart, and other pages. Don't Use Internal Nofollow Links This practice was common in page rank sculpting. However, the best practice is creating new quality content to increase page rank not blocking links. This no longer saves page rank juice as of a recent Google algorithm update. According to the head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts, in the video below he states, “I would not use nofollow on internal links… It does more harm than good.” Disregard old practices and remove internal nofollow links from your website.

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