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Jared Schrieber and Jon Brelig created InfoScout in 2011, seeking a better understanding of how brands and consumers engage. It uses smart phone apps to gather information on shopping behavior – both online and offline.

With a panel of more than 300,000 consumers, InfoScout provides deep insights to brands and retailers. The company, which is based in San Francisco, has clients ranging from Proctor & Gamble and General Mills to NBC and Intel.

InfoScout Explained:

InfoScout is an analytics provider that gathers data on retail shopping behavior. Using smartphone apps like Shoparoo and Out of Milk, it can analyze information related to online shopping or research data on consumers who visit retail stores. It then offers reports that allow brands and businesses to view the data and tailor their marketing accordingly.

Consumers are awarded points, cash and more for downloading and using InfoScout apps. Users take photos of their shopping receipts, which it digitizes and then can quickly offer deep insights to clients. The company processes more than 300,000 receipts every day.

The apps work with receipts from any retailer, making them easy to use for the consumer. This also offers interesting data for clients, including most popular stores a product is purchased from, data on those who repeatedly purchase the same brands, how consumers pay, if a brand-loyal customer switches brands, and more.

Receipts can also trigger targeted surveys moments after specific purchases. Since a survey is sent almost immediately, consumers are in-the-moment and the company claims a response rate of more than 50%. Gathered data is processed and shared with clients in real-time so that brands can take action quickly.

It offers a range of insights and custom reports depending on client needs. Free samples are available, as are demonstrations of how services work. Reports are accessible 24/7 and can be viewed on a user-friendly dashboard.

InfoScout is a great analytics provider for brands and companies that sell products both online and in brick and mortar stores. It is ideal for businesses in need of deep insight into item-level data. Using data from shopper planning, buying, surveys and more, it provides insights needed to come up with or alter current marketing strategies.

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