How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

Updated 2/18/2020

In March 2017, Amazon allowed customers to opt out of unsolicited emails that come from email automation services, making it more difficult for sellers to solicit reviews. Sending review requests through an email service will result in you receiving an undeliverable message.

Amazon’s Buy Box is located on the right side of a product detail page and allows customers to add a product to the cart or purchase instantly. To qualify for the Buy Box, professional sellers must meet criteria set by Amazon, factors which include performance metrics, customer service, fulfillment, ratings, and more.

You’ll first want to make sure your products are eligible by visiting Manage Inventory in your Amazon Seller Central account. Click Preferences in the right hand corner, and then click Buy Box Eligible in the drop down menu. This adds a new column that will show you “yes” or “no” to whether your products are eligible for the Buy Box. Once you know which products are eligible, there are things you can do to influence your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Amazon Buy Box

1 – Consider your fulfillment method. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows Amazon control over your inventory, which allows the company to better guarantee quality and quantity. Using FBA offers you a leg up because you will be shipping and dealing with purchasing customers at the highest standards.

2 – Ensure an affordable product price. Make sure your landed price is low and consistent with other merchants. Landed price isn’t just the price of the item being sold; it is the total price, including shipping and handling.

3 – Improve your Account Health, which includes order defect rate, return rate, response times, shipping times, and others. Amazon has strict guidelines, so you want to keep an eye on your Account Health and strive to improve your seller performance.

4 – If you do not use FBA, you can still win the Buy Box. Seller shipping time impacts who wins. Improve your product shipping time and you have a greater opportunity to achieve Amazon’s Buy Box.

5 – Seller Feedback and Product Feedback are 2 different things, and Seller Feedback has a significant impact on your chance to win the Buy Box. Reach out to customers via email or with a note enclosed with your packaging, asking for positive feedback, and if they have any problems or questions, to reach out to you directly.

6 – Keep products in stock. If your product is out of stock, or has low inventory, Amazon will get it from another seller. Manage your inventory properly to influence the Buy Box.

7 – Watch for unauthorized sellers of your products. Unauthorized sellers can undercut your profit, and poor feedback left for them can have a negative affect on you.

Still not winning the Buy Box? Remember it’s not the only way to sell on Amazon. Your products can also be found through the Other Sellers link located under the Buy Box, as well as the Offer Listing page and your Amazon Store.


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