How to Use Amazon SEO

There are several factors to consider when implementing Amazon SEO to improve your product listing results.
  1. Research keywords to use and see what search terms customers are using to find products like yours. Consider the highest ranking products in your category and what relevant keywords are being used.
  2. Optimize your product title. The title should include the name of the product and any relevant details, which can be the product type, brand, quantity if a pack, material, color, or size. Use keywords, but make sure to keep the title easy to read and easy to look at.
  3. Bullet points are used to give customers quick tidbits of information about a particular product. You can include 5 bullet points, with up to 500 characters each. Bullet points need to be concise and should include important details about the product that will entice a customer to purchase your product over your competitors.
  4. The product description shows further down the page. Customers often don’t look at the description, but this text is crucial for ranking in Amazon search results. Here you can include any product details that didn’t fit in the title or bullet points, and expand on what the product can be used for and when.
  5. Amazon has strict guidelines regarding product images, including primary images with white backgrounds. You’ll want to upload large images of at least 1000 pixels in height or width; Doing so will enable Amazon’s zoom function so customers can take a closer look at your product. Additional photos can include lifestyle images of the product being used and close-up images of particular details. High quality images can lead to higher sales, which in turn influence product rankings.
  6. Product reviews are key. Positive reviews will build trust in your brand or product and increase sales, creating higher rankings in Amazon. Although you cannot make changes to reviews, you can encourage those who purchase your product to write them. This can be done via email after shipment, or with a brief note included in the package.
  7. Keywords that you didn’t use in the visible product listing can be added in the backend search terms. These search terms aren’t seen by customers, but do get indexed by Amazon, influencing your product visibility. You can include misspellings of your product or related terms, lifestyle terms relating to your product, or related words that might be used by users searching for your type of product.
By using Amazon SEO, you’ll increase the chances of a potential customer finding your product in the Amazon marketplace.

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