How to Set Up Call Tracking in Google Analytics & Track Call Conversions

Call Extensions make it possible for people to call you by clicking on your ad. For businesses that rely on and/or want to increase their phone sales or leads, adding a Call Extension to mobile search ads can be a great idea.

When someone calls you directly from your ad, it won’t cost any more than your CPC bid for that keyword. You can also put the number on your website to track calls that come from online sources. It’s free when the number is manually dialed.

To get started with Call Extensions and Call Tracking, you’ll need to add a Google Forwarding Phone Number. There are two ways to get this number:

Create an Ad to Get a Google Forwarding Phone Number

You can get a Google Forwarded Number by simply creating a Call-Only text ad.

You may want to create a separate Ad Group for your Call-Only ads for organization purposes. However, that’s not to say you can’t create a Call-Only ad in an existing Ad group.

Call Tracking Ad Group         Call Tracking Create Call Only Ad

You’ll want to make sure you select “Call-only ad” as your ad type. This will allow you to show your ads with a Google Forwarding Phone Number, which will be created for you once your ad is created. You can find your number by checking your Ad Extensions.

(It is important to test your number by calling it manually. If there is an error, you’ll want to contact Google Support to make sure it’s forwarding correctly).

Call Tracking Call-Only Ad

Create a Call Extension to Get a Google Forwarding Phone Number

The same way you can find your Google Forwarding Phone Number in your Ad Extensions, you can also create one through this tab.

Make sure you are viewing your Call Extensions. Scroll down to where you can add a new phone number.

This will allow you to create a Google Forwarding Phone Number. Your number(s) will be listed under the Call Extensions view. You can also see how many Call Conversions have occurred under the Call Extensions view.

Call Tracking View Extensions

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