How to Run a Historical Quality Score Report in Bing Ads

Bing allows you to track changes in your Quality Scores over time. You can use the historical Quality Score option under Reports to review your expected Click-Through-Rate (CTR), ad relevance, and landing page experience ratings as far back as 18 months.

Quality Score history is useful for a number of reasons. You can see which keywords have become less or more relevant over time, and you can see which components of your Quality Score need improvement overall. You can also see how your average CTR & Cost-per-Click (CPC) has been affected.

To access your historical Quality Score data, first click on Reports in the top menu.

Next, make sure Keyword is selected as your report type. Under General settings, set Day as your unit of time. Then set the Date range.

How to Run a Historical Quality Score Report in Bing Ads

In the Choose your columns section, scroll down to the bottom of the Attributes tab. Here you can add the Historic quality score, Historic expected click-through-rate, Historic ad relevance, and Historic landing page experience columns to your report. Make sure you have the Keyword column added as well.

How to Run a Historical Quality Score Report in Bing Ads

Once you Run your report, you’ll be able to see the scores for each keyword for each day during your selected time range. You can also download the report in an Excel spreadsheet, to more effectively filter and sort data.

Historical Quality Score Report in Bing Ads

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