How to Prevent Amazon Product Listing Hijacking

Although it’s impossible to completely stop unauthorized Amazon sellers from listing your brand’s product as their own, there are actions you can take to help prevent it from happening. Before others counterfeit your product, copy your content, or sell a similar product as genuine, here are tips on how to prevent product listing hijacking.


1 – Monitor your Amazon product listings. Check your Seller Central dashboard regularly. If you notice a sudden decrease in sales, that may be due to product listing hijacking. In addition, keep an eye on your competitors and see who else is selling your product.

2 – If you find hijackers, reach out to them. A well-written email or letter to the seller requesting that they remove their lising can sometimes solve the problem. Initially, just be careful to not be overly-threatening or aggressive.

3 – Contact Amazon to report the violation. If your listings are being hijacked or piggybacked, let Amazon support know. If you have actual evidence of the hijacking, even better.

4 – Purchase the product. Buy the hijacked item as an unknown Amazon customer and take photographs. Gather evidence that will prove that it is a counterfeit or deceitful in some way to provide to Amazon. Amazon claims to analyze the provided evidence and take any necessary action within a week.

5 – Create better branding. Your product listings should show your logo on the product and packaging. If you show you have very distinctive branding, you may avert potential hijackers.

6 – Build a website. Create an ecommerce site to build your own customer base, which is also a good strategy for your business in the long run. Customers can purchase from your website, or you can send them directly to your Amazon product page to check out. Once you have a company website, you can then sign up for Amazon Brand Registry.

7 – Register your brand with Amazon. Although enrolling as a brand owner doesn’t stop others from selling your products, it’s another level of protection. When you have Amazon Brand Registry, you have better control of your listings, and others are less likely to hijack your listings.


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