How to Improve Your Bing Ads Quality Score

Quality Scores in Bing Ads are extremely similar to Quality Scores in Google AdWords. If you understand what affects keyword Quality Scores in Google AdWords, then learning how to improve your Bing Ads Quality Score will come naturally.

What is a Quality Score?

Quality Score measures your ad’s relevance and performance. Relevance is determined by your keywords and landing page content, while performance is determined by your ad’s Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Bing gives each of your keywords a Quality Score. Your score indicates your ad rank, and based on your Quality Score, your ad will show up on either the top of the page or right sidebar of that keyword’s search results page.

Each Quality Score is an assessment of how well your ad aligns with its keywords and landing page. You can use your scores to better understand how to improve your ad relevance and performance.

Evaluating Your Bing Ads Quality Score

Bing Ads Quality Scores appear in a column on the Keywords tab. If you don’t see your Quality Score column, you can click on Columns and add it to your view.

Where to Find Your Bing Ads Quality Score

Bing Ads Quality Scores are calculated at an ad group level, based on three components:

  • Expected Click-Through-Rate: Expected CTR reflects how likely your ads will be clicked, and how well your keyword compares to other keywords targeting the same traffic. Another way to explain this is how relevant your keyword is, and how likely your ad is to receive a click based on past performance.
  • Ad Relevance: Ad relevance indicates how relevant your ad and landing page content is to your keyword.
  • Landing Page Experience: Landing page user experience assesses the quality your landing page and content, to determine the real value of your goods and services. It also considers how well your landing pages adhere to Bing Ads policies, to make sure it offers a good user experience.

What Bing Ads Quality Score Means

How to Improve Your Bing Ads Quality Score

The quickest way to improve your ad rank is to increase your keyword bid. However, as one of the many goals of PPC management is to lower cost per click (CPC), improving your Quality Score will be more beneficial in the long-run.

If your Expected CTR is Below Average or Average…

Focus on improving your ad copy and campaign organization. Make sure your ad copy stands out and grabs attention, and is relevant to the keywords within your ad group. Ads that are more relevant to the intention of a search are expected to have a higher CTR.

You may also have too many ads and keywords that are underperforming. Evaluate ad and keyword performance over two to four week periods, making sure to pause or delete ads and keywords within each ad group that have low CTRs.

If your Ad Relevance is Below Average or Average…

Make sure your ad copy is relevant to both your keyword and landing page. If you feel your ad is in fact relevant to your keywords, you should reconsider your landing page content. Best practices recommend that landing pages should feature one specific product, offer or service, so your ad should be specific to your Call-to-Action (CTA).

You may want to consider creating ad groups with fewer keywords, to make your ad copy as specific to your keyword match types as possible.

If your Landing Page Experience is Below Average or Average…

Make sure your ads are sending users to a relevant landing page. Any product, offer or service should match the user’s search intention as well as possible. Do not include any secondary offers or distractions on your page – guide your customers toward a single conversion. If your ad does not set appropriate expectations for your landing page, your customers will likely bounce, which hurts your Quality Score.

Customers are also more likely to bounce if your landing page takes too long to load. Make sure your landing page loads quickly across all devices.

Last, it’s important your landing page contains original, high-quality content. A unique and high-value offer can improve your Bing Ads Quality Score, as well as your conversion rate. For tips on improving your landing page content and making it more original, check out my post on how to write persuasive landing page copy.


To see whether changes you’ve been making have improved your Bing Ads Quality Scores over time, read my post on how to run a historical Quality Score report in Bing.

For more advanced discussion on improving your Bing Ads Quality Scores, read my post on how to improve quality score in AdWords & Bing.

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