How to fix: Invalid value: color [color]

If you have an Invalid Value: Color issue in Google Merchant Center, there are a few things you may want to check in your feed. The key is to use a recognizable color name such as “red”, “blue”, or “lavender.”

Example warning text: The value you’ve submitted for the color [color] attribute isn’t a recognizable color name.

The value might have one of these issues:

  1. Contains a number, such as 0, 2, 4, 6, 8
  2. Contains characters that aren’t alphanumeric, such as #fff000
  3. Has only 1 letter, such as “R.” (Note: For Chinese, Japanese, or Korean languages, you can include a single character such as ““)
  4. References the product or image, such as “see image”
  5. Is longer than 40 characters
  6. Combines several color names into one word, such as RedPinkYellow instead of separating with a slash. (i.e.: Red/Pink/Yellow)
  7. Contains a value that isn’t a color, such as multicolor, various, variety, mens, womens, or N/A. Instead, submit a recognizable color name such as Red, Black, Burgundy, or Sky Blue. Update this value in your product data to match the value on your landing page and consider turning on automatic item updates for your account. (Acceptable multi-colors include: Blue/Grey, Red/White/Blue, and Rainbow.)

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