How to fix a GTIN issue in Google Merchant Center

If you have a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) issue in Google Merchant Center, here are some steps you can take to fix it:

  1. Verify the GTIN: Make sure the GTIN on your product matches the official GTIN for that product. You can check this by looking up the product on the manufacturer’s website or using a GTIN database.
  2. Check the validity of the GTIN: Ensure that the GTIN is valid and not counterfeit or duplicate. You can verify this using a GTIN validation tool.
  3. Update the GTIN in your product data feed: If the GTIN on your product is incorrect, update it in your product data feed. You can do this manually in Google Merchant Center or by using a feed management tool.
  4. Resubmit your product data feed: If using a feed management tool, once you’ve updated the GTIN, resubmit your product data feed in Google Merchant Center to update your product listings.
  5. Request a review: If your products were disapproved due to GTIN issues, you can request a review in Google Merchant Center. Click on the “Fix” button next to the disapproved item, make the necessary changes, and then click “Request Review.”
  6. Contact Google support: If you’re still having issues with GTINs in Google Merchant Center, you can contact Google support for further assistance. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and find a solution.

Remember, using accurate and valid GTINs is important for ensuring the quality and accuracy of your product listings in Google Shopping. By following these steps and resolving any GTIN issues, you can improve the visibility and performance of your products in Google Merchant Center.

Some products, like vintage or one-of-a-kind custom items, will not have a GTIN. In these cases, you can submit the Brand and Manufacturer’s Part Number in lieu of a GTIN.


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