How to Create an Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Page

Sellers can potentially boost conversion rates and build brand trust using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) pages. To access EBC, you must have Brand Registry for the products you want to apply EBC to. EBC allows you to use multiple layout options, formatted text, and additional images to maximize performance.

1 – Sign into your Amazon Seller Central account and hover over “Advertising” in the top menu. Click “Enhanced Brand Content.”

2 – To create an EBC page, enter the SKU of the product that is enrolled in Brand Registry that you want to include.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Page

3 – Next, you’ll choose the template you want to use for your page design. Amazon offers 5 templates, or you can choose a custom template.

4 – Now you’ll upload high-quality images into the image blocks and add optimized content to the text blocks in your chosen EBC template. You can move modules up and down, or you can delete modules that you don’t need. It’s important to note that Amazon has content you should avoid – or your page may be rejected – including listing company contact information, mentioning competitor products or seller authorization, shipping details, using trademarks or registered symbols, links to other websites, and excessive bolding or capitalization.

EBC Page
6 – Once your images and content are uploaded into your template, you can click on “Preview” at the bottom of the page to see how your EBC page will look to potential customers. You can either make further edits or, if you’re happy with it, send it for review by Amazon. If you encounter any errors or disapproval messages, consider Amazon’s rules, make edits to your EBC page, and resubmit. When approved by Amazon, your page will automatically be updated on your product page.

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