How to Create a Standard Google Search Ad

If you don’t already have a Google Search Ad Campaign set up, you’ll need to create one.

1 – Sign into your Google Ads account

2 – Click Search Campaign in the left side panel, Campaigns in the secondary side panel, and click the blue +.

Create Google Search Ad

3 – Choose the goal for your campaign, then select Search, and choose the method you want to reach your goal. Depending on what you select, fill in the appropriate info (ie: website, phone number, etc.).

Create Google Search Ad

Create Google Search Ad

4 – Name your campaign and choose Search Network. You can add Display Network if you want to expand your reach.

5 – Choose your location and language.

6 – Add your daily budget (the average you are willing to spend each day) and bid (how much you’re willing to pay each time someone clicks your ad).

Create Google Search Ad

7 – If you have ad extensions set up, you can choose to add them to your Search Ad. Ad extensions provide additional information in your ad about your business like location, phone number, or links. Click Save and continue.

Create an Ad Group

1 – Next you’ll set up your ad group. Name your ad group and add in the keywords you want to apply. Click save and continue.

Create Google Search Ad

Create a Search Ad

1 – It’s now time to create your ads. You’ll want to create at least 3 ads that relate to the ad group’s keywords. You can add 3 headlines per ad, up to 30 characters each, and 2 descriptions, up to 90 characters each. Click the small diamond icon to see example ads. Click save and continue.

Create Google Search Ad

2 – Finally, review your campaign and ad settings. Make sure everything is correct and click Continue to Campaign. NOTE: Pending Google’s approval process, your ads are now live and ready to show to potential customers. You can return to Campaigns in your account to pause it if you want to proof the ads and confirm everything is accurate. Once you’re satisfied, change to enabled.

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