How to Create a Google Video Ad

1 – Sign into your Google Ads account.

2 – Click Campaigns and then click the blue +.

3- Choose the goal of your Google Video Ad campaign. Video Ad goals must be chosen from: Leads, Website Traffic, Product and Brand Consideration, or Brand Awareness and Reach.

4 – Select Video Campaign

Create Google Video Ad

5 – Name your campaign and select your budget, location, and choose the networks where you want your Video Ad to show.

Create Google Video Ad

6 – Next, choose the locations you want you want to target (or exclude), and choose your customers language.

Create Google Video Ad

7 – You can also choose specific devices or operating systems for your ad to show on, but this is optional. If you don’t choose specifics, your ads will show on all devices.

8 – Name your Google Video Ad Group and set the bid amount.

9 – Choose your Video Ad in the Your YouTube Video area. Remember, your Video Ad must be hosted on YouTube.

Create Google Video Ad

10 – Finally, choose an ad format and enter the required information: the final url, the display url, a call-to-action, and a headline. Click save. NOTE: Your Video Ad is now live and ready to show to potential customers. You can return to Campaigns in your account to pause it if you want to confirm everything is accurate. Once you’re satisfied, change to enabled.

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