How to Create A Google Showcase Ad

To take advantage of Google Showcase Ads, you need linked accounts with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. Make sure you have a current Shopping campaign, or create a new Shopping campaign specifically for the Showcase Ad.

  1. Sign into your Google Ads account and click on the Shopping campaign where you want to create a Showcase Ad.
  2. You first need to create an Ad Group. Click Ad Group and then click the blue +.
  3. Click Select a campaign and then select the Shopping campaign you want to add the ad group to. Click Create Ad Group.

    Google Showcase Ad

  4. Now you’ll adjust your settings. Choose Showcase Shopping as your ad group type and enter a name for the ad group.
  5. Enter a bid. This is the cost-per-engagement bid that will apply to your Showcase Shopping Ad. You’ll pay when someone clicks to expand your ad, and spends 10 seconds within it, or clicks a link.
  6. Choose the products you want to appear in your ad by selecting product groups. You can subdivide the initial product group – All Products – to create a more targeted set of products for your ad. You’ll want to exclude any product groups that contain products that you do not want to show in your Showcase Ad. Click Save and Continue.

Create a Showcase Ad

Google Showcase Ad

  1. Add a header image that represents your product category or brand. This image will appear at the top of your ad after someone clicks it. It may also appear in the ad before it is clicked.
  2. Add text to your ad. Text is optional and includes a headline and a description
  3. Add the final URL of the landing page people will visit when they click on your ad. Enter the display URL, which is what will appear in your ad.
  4. Preview the ad on the right side of the panel to make sure it looks the way you want it to. Keep in mind that the products that are shown are dependent on a user’s search terms. Click Save and Continue. All ads are reviewed by Google before going live. Note: To reach the most potential customers, it’s recommended that you create a Showcase Ad for each relevant category page on your website.

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