How to Create a Google Shopping Ad

In order to set up Google Shopping ads, you need to have both a Google Ads account and a Merchant Center account. These 2 accounts must be linked to create a Shopping Campaign and ads. It’s also a good idea to have a Google Analytics account.

1 – Sign into your Google Ads account

2 – Click Campaigns and then click the blue +.

3 – Choose the goal of your campaign and then choose campaign type Shopping.

Google Shopping Ad

4 – Select the Merchant Center account with the products to advertise. Click Save and Continue.

5 – Name your campaign and choose your daily budget and bid. There are many options you can adjust, including Priority, Devices, Locations, and Networks – they are all set to a default setting unless you change them. Click Save and Continue.

6 – Choose Product Shopping Ad

Create Google Shopping Ad

7 – Create a Product Group for the products you want to advertise. Name the Ad Group and enter a bid. This bid will apply to the first product group in the Ad Group, which will be called “All Products.” You can make changes once the campaign has been created. Click Save.

Create Google Shopping Ad

8 – You’ll be taken to the Product Group page, where you’ll see one group called “All Products.” This All Products group can now be subdivided into more granular product groups according to brand, category, or product type. With these granular subdivisions, you can have greater control over bidding.

Create a Product Group Subdivision

1 – Click the + next to the All Products group.

2 – In the new window that pops up, select the dropdown menu next to “Subdivide All Products By” and choose an attribute to define your products. This will subdivide all of your products by the attribute of your choice – by category, by product type, etc.

3 – Once you choose an attribute to subdivide by, you’ll find a list of possible subdivisions. Check the boxes of the ones you want to add to your product group. For example, if you sell shirts and select Category, then you may see subdivisions like Polo, Dress Shirts, Tee Shirts, etc.

Create Google Shopping Ad

4 – You can now either choose to Save or Continue. If you click Continue, you’ll be able to review and edit bids for the new product groups. If you click Save, the new product groups will use the default bid of the product group you subdivided.

5 – Remember that Shopping Ads are generated using the product data in your Merchant Center account, and not keywords. So while you can define Product Groups within your campaigns, your ad performance is linked to the data you have provided. Make sure your product information is updated and optimized.

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