How to Create a Google Ads Remarketing Campaign

1 – Sign into your Google Ads account.

2 – Click Campaigns and then click the blue +. Choose your goal and select Display campaign type.

Remarketing Campaign

3 – Add your business website.

4 – Next, you’ll set all the parameters of your campaign, including the campaign name, location, language, bid, budget, and any additional options for your remarketing campaign.

Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing Campaign

5 – Name your ad group.

6 – Under “Audiences,” click Browse, and choose “How they have interacted with your business.” This will open up your existing audience lists (or similar audiences) that you can choose to remarket to.

Remarketing Campaign

7 – You can either choose to create your display ads, or skip ad creation at this point. If you choose to create your ads later, you can save your campaign, but it will not run. If you create your ads, you are given the option to create a responsive display ad, upload a display ad, or copy an existing ad.

Remarketing Campaign

8 – Once your ads are created, click “Create Campaign.” Your first Google Remarketing Campaign is now up and running.

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