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Granify was founded in 2011 by Jeff Lawrence, while at Stanford. Though he originally planned to build the company in the Silicon Valley, he decided to move to Edmonton, where the company now flourishes. It has clients in 19 countries.

Granify deciphers patterns of shopper data, which identify those who are NOT going to purchase. The company uses this information to automatically introduce a message that will encourage them to change their mind. And it all happens immediately, while the consumer is still on a client’s website.

Granify Explained:

Granify is a SaaS (Software as a Service) analytics provider that uses more than 400 attributes per second – more than 1.5 trillion data points per month – to predict consumer behavior and help clients maximize sales. It works with all e-commerce platforms, including custom sites, with 100,000 or more monthly visitors.

The company uses big data and machine learning technologies to analyze a shopper’s journey – right down to incremental mouse movements. When hesitation is detected, customized messages are shown according to what the software analyzes. If it senses hesitation around an offer of free shipping – perhaps concern about how long an item will take to arrive – a custom prompt is shown reiterating your guaranteed shipping times. This alleviates shopper objections and leads to an increase in sales.

Every automated prompt is customizable. Prompts can include low-stock messages, free shipping reminders, temporary discounts, and specific product reviews.

Granify offers a user-friendly dashboard with easy-to-understand reporting, including comparisons and a tally of the extra revenue earned simply by using the program.

Prices for services vary based on ROI and a free demo is offered on its website. A unique aspect of the company’s website is the revenue calculator, which will offer a calculation of how much extra revenue you’ll earn.

This is a great option for any e-commerce site that experiences dropped sales, abandoned shopping carts and unsure customers. For store with more than 100,000 visitors each month, this SaaS solution offers everything you need to increase conversions.

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