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How to Set Up Google+ For Your Business

goog+Google+ is a growing social network where users can share updates, photos and more among different “circles” (groups of friends). This is different from many social networks where updates are shared with everyone. A Google+ (Google Plus) page can create better interaction with your customers and fans. Are you ready to take your business to the next level with a Google+ page? Following are basic instructions on how to get it going.

Set Up Your Page

To begin, sign into your Google account, visit “Create a Page” and choose the business type that best represents yours: Shop Front, Service Area or Brand. If you choose the brand category, you’ll need to choose a page name and enter your website. The other two options will lead you to a map where you’ll put in the name of your business; Google will find your business on the map. If it doesn’t, you’ll click “none of these match/add your business.” Once you click “create,” you may be asked to verify the page by a phone call or text message.

Add Business Information to Page

Once you have a Google+ page for your business, you’ll want to add information and optimize it. You’ll see a blue progress bar to guide you through the process in adding a photo/company logo, cover photo, tagline and an introduction to your business, as well as contact information. When you’re done filling out the basic information, you may be prompted for a custom URL. The name or your business is likely the best option to go with.

Share, share, share!

To make the most of your business page on Google+, you’ll want to share relevant content, engage others and join various groups. Businesses should make sure their pages are visually appealing and branded with interesting images that will entice others to engage with you. A second point to remember is to include external links to any other pages dedicated to your business like social media accounts and your company’s website.

Create Circles

Once your page is up and running (and you have a solid base of followers), you’ll want to visit the “People” tab and manage your “circles.” Here you can drag and drop your followers into different circles – for example, customers, employees and industry bloggers – to differentiate the types of people interested in your page. Managing your circles allows you to better target specific groups with your shared content. Keep in mind that in order to keep your followers interested and engaged, you will have to post valuable content on your page.

A Few Google+ Extras

In the left hand tool bar, you can click on the “What’s Hot” icon. This is a great tool to assist you when you’ve hit a brick wall on fresh content to share. In What’s Hot, you can browse posts, find posts that you think will engage your own followers, and share those posts to your circles accordingly. Another great feature to utilize is “Events.” Here you can create invitations to company events, fundraisers, customer thank you days, or anything else, and invite specific circles. Finally, Google Hangouts is a great tool to use for scheduled chats with your followers. Really engage your clients or potential clients by planning question & answer sessions about certain products or services. Not only does this invite your followers to interact with your company, it gives your business the chance to prove it cares about its customer base. Now that you know how to set up Google+ for your business, you may want to learn how to set up other social profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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