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Forter provides fraud protection for eCommerce businesses through Decision-as-a-Service algorithms. Originally launched in 2013, it has been on the forefront of payment innovation as noted through their numerous awards. They are the first fraud-as-a-service company. Most recently, the company earned the first prize E-Pay Innovation Award. Its eCommerce fraud prevention platform not only increases revenue, but also improves the user experience for merchants.

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The Forter system uses cyber intelligence, behavioral analysis, and elastic identity to distinguish fraudulent activities. Its algorithm analyzes online data to ensure a buyer is authentic. Behavioral analytics detect fraudulent activity on your site, before checkout. Elastic identity, flexible sensitive profiling, measures a person’s transaction patterns. The combination of these three layers allows the platform to quickly approve or deny transactions.

The system provides real-time decisions and returns an approve/decline decision in milliseconds. Machine learning enables it to learn from good and bad transactions and allows for these real-time decisions. The company is so confident in its accuracy that they offer a 100% chargeback guarantee to retailers.

It is an added measure of protection for eCommerce merchants wanting to limit chargebacks. It prevents lost sales as a result of orders being incorrectly blocked due to potential fraudulence.

The company improves the user experience for merchants by eliminating any need for manual reviews. The Decision Dashboard allows merchants real-time access to each transaction for additional business insights. It currently integrates with eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Bigcommerce, and Demandware with additional integrations coming soon.

It also features mobile commerce capabilities. The platform works for analyzing credit and debit purchases in addition to PayPal, Google Wallet, and more.

Forter is for eCommerce businesses looking to reduce decline decisions with a scalable, international solution for secure mobile, phone, and online orders.

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