What Are Facebook Relevance Scores?

Facebook Relevance Scores are an advertising metric designed to inform advertisers of their ad relevance. Facebook Ads are given a Relevance Score from 1 to 10, which is only shown after an existing ad has received over 500 impressions.  Relevance Scores are only visible when looking at ad reporting and never appears for ad sets and campaigns. The higher the Facebook Relevance Score your ad receives, the greater your ad is performing and resonating with your target audience. Additionally, the higher your Relevance Score, the more likely your ad will be shown to your target audience and the lower the cost will be to reach your desired audience.

Facebook Relevance Score

To ensure you have the best Relevance Score you should consider the following:

Be specific with your targeting: For example, if you are only targeting a broad age group within the United States, it’s likely that your ad isn’t relevant to every person within your targeted range. Instead, try narrowing your audience by adding specific interests, behaviors, and locations.

Consider your ad’s content: Is your ad’s content and media relevant to the audience your trying to reach? Often eye-catching images and videos are noticed prior to ad text, therefore first ensure you have the proper media available. Additionally, it’s best to keep your ad text simple and related to what you want to promote.

Refresh your ad: If your Relevance Score drops, it could be due to your audience losing interest in your ad. If this should happen, try creating another ad with new, refreshed content for your audience.

Finally, it is important to learn from testing your ads. It is advisable to create several different ads for the same targeted audience. Pay attention to which ads succeed and note and trends and patterns that are influencing your ad’s ranking. This, in addition to the specific ad Relevance Score, will give you insight into creating a successful Facebook Ad.

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