How Do I Upload A Facebook Product Catalog For A Dynamic Ad?

A Facebook Product Catalog is a product feed that contains products with necessary product attributes needed to advertise on Facebook. The Product Catalog typically contains a product description, product ID, name, category, availability, product URL and image URL. If you currently advertise on other platforms, it is likely that you can use the same product feed (with minor edits) for Facebook.

To upload a Facebook Product Catalog to create Dynamic Product Ads, you must first go to the settings tab of your Facebook Business Manager and select Product Catalogs from the Assets menu.


Facebook Business Manager


You must then select the Product Feeds from the Product Catalogs menu, located at the top of the page and continue to select the “Add Product Feed” option located at the left of right of the Product Feeds menu.


Facebook Product Feed


Next, you will be prompted to insert details about your new Product Feed, including the feed name, currency and upload type. When uploading your feed, you have the option to schedule recurring, automatic uploads or upload a single file feed. For the purpose of this example, a single file feed will be uploaded.


Facebook Product Feed


Finally, you will proceed to uploading your product feed. Here, you will upload your feed file in either CSV, TSV or RSS/ATOM XML formats and select “Create Feed” to upload your product feed.


Facebook Add New Product Feed


Once your product feed is uploaded, you will be able to create a campaign based on promoting a product catalog. This is achieved by selecting the “Promote A Product Catalog” objective when creating a new campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.

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