How To Create A Facebook Likes Campaign

Creating a Facebook Likes Campaign is a useful tool for Facebook Business users to gain increased brand awareness and potential customers. Let’s take a look at how to create one.

Create Facebook Likes Campaign

To create a “Pages Likes” campaign, you will first need to select the Ad Account in which you are creating the campaign from Facebook Business Manager. After selecting the specified account, you will then select the “Create Campaign” option from the Ads Manager page.


Campaign Objective

Next, you will select your Campaign Objective. Because this example is for page likes, the “Promote Your Page” objective has been selected.  Following this step, you will be prompted to name your campaign and will then proceed to creating your ad set.

Facebook Like Campaign

Define Audience

In the Ad Set, you will define your audience, budget and ad schedule. Here, you will have the opportunity to use custom audience and/or lookalike audience. A custom audience allows you to create an audience of users that have previously visited your website or used your app. A lookalike audience is an audience that contains users similar to your existing audience. You will then specify the location(s) in which you want your ad to be shown, and the ages, genders and languages you wish to target.

Facebook Audience

Target Catergories

Next, you will include any detailed targeting. In setting up the detailed targeting, you will be able to browse demographics, interests, behaviors and Facebook categories and select the specifics interests and behaviors of the audience you are targeting.

Define Budget

Finally, before moving to setting up your Ad’s format, media and text, you will need to define your budget and schedule.  Here, you have the option to set a start and end date for you ad.

Budget and Schedule

The last step to creating your Page Likes Ad, will be select your format, media and text. It is here that you can get creative with your ad and select unique visuals and content to promote your page. Once you’ve selected your media and text, you will choose to track conversions from your Facebook Pixel, if set-up. Finally, you will simply review and place your order.

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