What Are Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook Instant Articles is a tool designed for media publishers to distribute interactive content to their audience within the Facebook mobile app and via Facebook Messenger. Rooted in the same technology used by Facebook to load photos and videos, Instant Articles features the ability to load content up to ten times faster than standard mobile web articles. The fast and responsive design of Facebook Instant Articles has been favored by users, leading to 20% more instant articles read on average and a decrease in the likelihood of article abandonment by 70%. Facebook Instant Articles allows publishers to optimize their content, thus allow for a near immediate load time.

Facebook instant articles

Facebook Instant Articles features two types of ads in which Facebook advertisers will either choose to publish Instant Articles for new or existing campaigns, or publishers can include their own direct sold campaigns.

Once Facebook advertisers have signed up for Instant Articles, they will be able to create Instant Article advertisements that will be available in carousel ad format, mobile app installs, link page posts and video ads.

While Facebook Instant Articles does require much prep work, including having an RSS feed that displays all article content and a minimum of fifty articles to submit to Facebook for approval into the Facebook Instant Articles advertiser program, there is significant benefit for the advertiser, including better audience experiences, complete control of branding and the ability to integrate with measurement tools, including Google Analytics.

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