Excluding Mobile Apps From Google Display Ads

What to Look For:

Recently we have run into a number of situations with Google display campaigns that are receiving an unhealthy amount of their clicks from mobile apps. Frequently the campaigns are using up the entire daily budget through these clicks, but there are little to no conversions and a very high bounce rate. Display ads on mobile apps have their time and place, but these cheap clicks on loosely associated apps were pulling in poor traffic that was not converting, which needed to be fixed.

What to Do About It:

One way to deal with this is to turn down the bid on mobile and/or tablets devices. However, by doing that you may also be excluding more relevant clicks that come to your site via those devices.

The most effective way to block mobile apps is by placing the URL adsenseformobileapps.com in the campaign placement exclusions.

In order to do that first log into your Google AdWords account and click into the display campaign you are working on. Once you are there find the “Display Network” Tab that will be located on the far right of the primary navigation.

Once you reach this step, click the “Placements” tab that is located on the secondary navigation.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see a small table on the bottom left titled “Campaign Placement Exclusions”. Click the box labeled “+ Exclusions”.

On this new page, click the drop down box that says “Add Campaign Exclusions” and select placements. If you have already set up exclusions for this campaign, click the edit icon on the existing placement exclusion box. Once there, enter adsenseformobileapps.com into the text box and select “Add placements”. Make sure to enter this URL exactly as it is displayed and do not put a “www.” in front of the address.

This will prevent your ads from displaying on mobile apps and you will no longer see any of the placements come up that start with “Mobile App:”

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