What Are “Display Network Only” in Google Ads?

The “Display Network Only” campaign type only allows advertisers to display ads across Google’s Display Network, which includes over a million different sites. Within these sites, possible placements include: videos, apps, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Google Finance, Google Maps, and websites that display Google ads.

Display network only campaigns allow for a variety of different ad formats: text, image, rich media, and video ads are all available.  This campaign type uses contextual targeting to match your ads to websites and other placements when your keywords are related to the content of a site. For example, a website that posts recipes might show ads for cookware.

Google Display Ad Example

Since the Display Network reaches a large audience through a wide variety of third party websites, this campaign type is perfect for building brand awareness or reaching customers who are browsing online and not specifically searching for your product.

This campaign type is by default “all features” –it allows for bidding and budget settings, ad extensions (like phone numbers, URLs, location, or social links), ad delivery methods, and targeting by location, language, operating systems, device models, carriers, and wireless networks. Display Network Only campaigns also allow you to target pages about specific topics, certain sites, and demographic groups so your ads are more likely to reach your intended audience.

Now that you’ve learned about “Display Network Only” campaigns, you should also learn about “Search Network with Display Select” and “Search Network Only” campaign types.

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