Tips For Developing a Customer Centric Marketing Strategy

Customer centricity is about consistently delivering your brand’s value to your customers over a long period of time.

Although commonly confused as such, it is not quite the same thing as being customer focused. Being customer centric means being focused on a customer’s lifetime value; building marketing efforts upon the foundation of high, real-world driven profits. Being customer focused is more of an umbrella concept, urging companies to treat customers right by offering a consistent and relevant experience (Monetate).

Customer centricity relies on data to better understand and segment customer bases, focusing on products and services that will cause the identifiably best customers to convert. To create a strong customer centric strategy, your company needs to have a simple yet bold and meaningful philosophy that will attract the lifetime consumers you want. Your logo, website and advertising should communicate this philosophy through imagery that is easily relatable (Forbes).

Customer centric organizations are accessible to their customers at all times, constantly communicating in a way that’s easy to understand. They are also responsive and empathetic, prioritizing customer service through various channels such as social media and email. Customer communication is always straight forward with cohesive messaging, and flexible in their responses to be genuinely considerate of user feedback (Get Satisfaction).

Developing a customer centric strategy is as much about honing in on your corporate identity as it is honing in on your customer’s identity. The more you understand your company, the more you understand the type of customer you want to attract. And vice versa – the more you understand the type of customer you are attracting, the more you will be able to strengthen your organization’s identity by adjusting that which is not perceived the way you want it to be.

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  1. Jenny Mark says

    Hey Kasey
    Couldn’t agree more with you. Though the concept of customer-first is not new, still businesses must keep modifying their approaches to meet customer expectations. Customer centric marketing is must to turn your end users into loyal customers and nurture long term relationships. A customer identity management system can help busiensses to understand their customer base and using the customer insights, can build more customer oriented marketing strategies. What do you think?
    Jenny Mark

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