How Close Range Marketing & SMS Marketing Relate

If you’re a retailer interested in mobile advertising, you’ve most likely heard about close range marketing and SMS marketing. However, because they share a few commonalities, the actual differences between the two may be somewhat confusing.

SMS marketing is text message only. Automated bulk SMS messages can be sent to subscribers at specified times, or they can be sent when triggered by a subscriber’s number being recognized by installed beacons within a certain proximity to your business.

Close range marketing includes application push-notifications, text messages and sometimes emails, notifying subscribers within certain proximity of any immediate offers, special discounts or updates. It has greater consumer behavior tracking capabilities and can be used for a broader range of communications.

Similar to the relationship between omnichannel and multichannel strategy, CRM is the “bridge” that makes sure your promotion gets from point A to point B – being received by interested customers in real-time when and where they are most likely to convert. Push-notifications, texts and emails are simply the “lanes”, or channels, by which your customers prefer receiving real-time messages.

CRM is more strategy, while SMS marketing is more of a technique used. Both are relevant to the moment, and when used (not abused) correctly, they can assist in finalizing the buying decision and improve both customer relationship and experience.

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