How to Create Ads Within an Adwords Ad Group

So you’ve successfully created an AdWords campaign and built an ad group … now what? Now it’s time to create ads. You’ll first enter the final URL for the webpage your ad will link to. The headline is limited to 25 characters, so be creative and use keywords when you can.   ad2   The next two lines are for the description. Each line allows for 35 characters and as you type, you’ll see a preview of how your ad will appear. The display URL line is for the web address that will show up on your ad. This is limited to 35 characters, and can be a shortened version of the final URL. Next you’ll add keywords for this ad and then set your default bid. This is the highest price you’re willing to pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. It can be revised at any time. Google also allows you to set individual bids on each keyword, so you can increase or decrease each keyword bid depending on performance. Keep in mind that if you’re interested in high-priced keywords and have a small daily budget, you’re likely to quickly use it up and your ads will only be seen part of the day. Once you’re out of budget, your ads are no longer shown. So keep all of this in mind, but don’t panic! Everything can be adjusted as you gain more understanding of AdWords and of what your audience is searching for. Click “Save Ad.” If you have more ads to create within this ad group, click “+ Ad” and go through the process again or you can create another campaign for a different product or service, with a new set of keywords as needed. Your ad is now ready to get noticed. You’ll want to check back regularly to see how the ad and keywords are performing, and then adjust keywords or bids as necessary.   ad4   If you need a refresher, check out How to Setup an AdWords Campaign and How to Create Ad Groups Within an AdWords Campaign.

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