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Founded in 2008 by Scotte Barkan, Mehdi Daoudi, Veronica Ellis and Dritan Suljoti, Catchpoint provides performance analytics based on various vantage points. Though headquartered in New York, NY, the company has offices in Boston, Los Angeles, London, Germany and India. It serves more than 350 clients in more than 30 countries.

Catchpoint Explained:

Catchpoint is an analytics performance platform designed for digital business. It simultaneously captures information, indexes it and then analyzes the data to prevent problems and optimize service.

The company offers innovative and user-friendly web monitoring tools that allow businesses to keep tabs on any issues that arise before those issues impact customers. The company’s products include Synthetic, Glimpse, OnPrem Agent and Nodes.

Synthetic gives you a comprehensive understanding of overall performance, so that you can preempt problems and more quickly achieve your performance goals. Synthetic uses 14 different types of data – including website, mobile, transaction and API – to pinpoint and resolve issues, keeping your brand and website up and running.

Glimpse helps you understand and improve the user experience on your website. Glimpse offers instant analytics that tell you exactly where your users are and how they are proceeding along your site. This understanding allows you to optimize performance and increase conversions.

OnPrem Agent supports your business with small hardware or servers on your premises. This on site data center monitors the internal applications and endpoints of your business to optimize the end-user experience. OnPrem Agent offers the opportunity to monitor brick and mortar stores, business offices, call centers and branches.

Catchpoint Nodes monitor performance around the world. These custom-engineered machines reduce data noise and eliminate false alerts.

Prices for services vary depending on business needs. Its suite of monitoring solutions is ideal for e-commerce, IT, developers, SaaS, and industries like travel, media and more.

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