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Founded by Ryan Urban, Bounce Exchange has helped many large retailers, publishers and Fortune 500s better monetize their traffic with its new enterprise marketing software called “Behavioral Automation”.

Urban came up with the idea for his company while attending an eCommerce digital marketing analytics seminar, inspired to answer the question: “If you had the power to know precisely when people were bouncing, what would you do with it?”

Bounce Exchange Explained

Bounce Exchange analyzes digital “body language”. It processes user signals to lower bounce rate, increase time spent on site, and increase conversion rates. It achieves these goals by treating each customer a bit differently, based on their actual interactions with your website.

The company’s “Behavioral Automation” software uses a segmentation engine to separate visitors into various groups, and then uses that data to serve on-site conversion campaigns. It tracks where they came from and where they landed to predict their next movies. It employs a creative, development and conversion team that implements your campaigns. Their patented technology (also known as “Exit Intent” technology) targets customers in real-time to deliver campaigns across devices.

It customizes its automation to your business, learning as it goes along. The software strives to make a progressive impact on your conversion rates by being able to better discern patterns of engagement and intent from patterns or disengagement.

While you can request a free demo through their site, Bounce Exchange is ideal for large companies with large marketing automation budgets.

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