How to Get a BigCommerce API Client ID & Secret

As of the time of writing this article, Bigcommerce is officially ending support for apps using their basic authorization with an API username and key. Currently there is not an official date when Bigcommerce API apps will be forced to update, but we can expect that support will completely end before Q3 2015. This article explains how to get an API client id and secret in order to update your existing app or for creating a new app.

Start by going to and either log in using your developer user name and password or create a new developer account. You will find the login button at the top right of the webpage.   After you login you will be brought to one of two pages. If you have just created your account, or have never gone to create an app you will see a request to allow Bigcommerce to access your account. Otherwise you will continue to the My Apps page.


Click allow to continue to the My Apps page. On the map apps page you will need to create an app you want the client id and secret for.

create app

Once you have your app you will now have access to view the app information. Hover over the app with your cursor and it will pop up with box containing: delete, view client id, edit, and submit for review. Click on the client id and it will reveal the client id and secret.

client id

Now you have a crucial piece to obtaining access to the Bigcommerce API. View our other articles for more information or visit the Bigcommerce API support pages for more information.

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