What Is An Amazon Store?

Amazon offers a unique opportunity for you to showcase your brand and increase sales via a custom Amazon web address. An Amazon Store is a do-it-yourself solution for vendors and sellers to provide an immersive online shopping experience for customers.

Sellers can create an Amazon Store and allow customers to view a collection of a brand’s products on both desktop and mobile platforms. Using this free service, you can create single or multi-page brand stores that support rich media and content promoting your products.

Amazon Stores are open to brands that sell through Vendor Central or brand registered merchants using Seller Central. The simple self-service interface allows anyone to create a store, regardless of website experience.

When you create your own Amazon Store, you will have a unique URL to share with your customers, allowing you to showcase your brand and whatever products you choose. Branded Amazon Stores provide a seller with an array of additional benefits.

  • Drive shopper engagement: An Amazon Store is a curated destination for your customers to shop for products and for you to increase brand awareness. Traffic can land on your unique web address from search and detail pages.
  • Images and video: Multiple images coupled with videos of your products in action illustrate your brand’s story and help build a relationship with your customers.
  • Easy-to-use templates with customizable features: There are three Amazon brand store templates to choose from and each has custom features you can adjust for a truly unique layout and overall design.
  • Additional promotions available: Build brand awareness and drive more traffic to your brand store with built-in social media sharing buttons and promotional extensions like Headline Search Ads.
  • Assortment of products: With an Amazon Store, you have the option to hand-pick an assortment of products with multimedia content or auto-populate with dynamic widgets. Dynamic widgets can promote various displays based on individual shopper data like keyword search or best-selling products. When you add new listings to your store page, the widgets automatically update.

Amazon brand stores are ideal for brand owners looking for a unique way to build brand awareness and provide their customers with a custom online shopping experience. Using a single page or multiple pages, shoppers can browse your brand’s full assortment of products and build a long-term relationship with you.

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