What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Updated 2/18/2020

As of September 2019, Enhanced Brand Content was combined with Vendor Central’s A+ Content, and both are now known as A+ Content. It is available to vendors as well as sellers with Brand Registry.

There are no longer 5 templates to choose from. Currently, you create your own A+ Content template using a variety of easy-to-use modules.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) enables you to create additional content on your Amazon product detail page. EBC – which includes text and visuals related to the product and your brand’s story – is currently only available to those enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Sellers who use EBC can add to the standard product description, allowing you to further describe product features, include a brand story, enhanced images and dynamic text placement. This more visually appealing content differentiates your brand in the increasingly-saturated Amazon marketplace.

If you’re part of the Brand Registry, you have access to EBC and should take advantage of it. There are currently five easy-to-use template designs to choose from, in which you can build a rich shopping experience for your customers.

Using Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is beneficial on many levels.

  • More visually appealing: The use of images, subheadings, bold text and paragraphs make for a more dynamic effect. This format allows you to section content into logical pieces, making it easier for customers to scan and decipher brand information.
  • Improved sales: Studies have shown that rich content can increase conversion rates by 3% to 6% in comparison to plain text.
  • Share your brand’s identity: With EBC, not only can you offer more detail about how a product can improve a consumer’s life, you can highlight aspects of the brand and build a stronger relationship with your customers. It can educate them on your brand and help you stand out, explaining why they should buy your product.
  • Better reviews: EBC helps customers make more informed decisions about what products they want to purchase, which can lead to fewer returns and more positive reviews.
  • Control how your brand is viewed on other sellers’ pages: Sellers who have authorization to sell your brand will use the EBC you create. You are able to dictate the images and appearance of your brand’s content that will appear on their product pages so that your brand is accurately portrayed.

By using Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content on your product pages, you have the potential to increase profits while building your brand and satisfying the needs of your customer.

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