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How to Enable the Amazon Category Listings Report

Have you ever wished that there was a way to download product information like bullet points and search terms on your Amazon product listings? When making changes to your Amazon inventory via manual uploads, it can be hard to make mass changes to products without having a baseline of product information. Fortunately, there is a way to download important product info like titles, descriptions, bullet points, and search terms directly from Amazon Seller Central using what’s called the Category Listings Report. While this report once was available by default, this report is now something that sellers must request for Amazon Seller Support to activate.

How To Activate the Amazon Category Listings Report

  1. To activate your Category Listings Report, go to your Seller Central account.
  2. Select Help in the upper right corner. When the help tab pops up, select Contact Us.
  3. Next, select Your Account > Make changes to your account > Get help with a different account setting issue. Amazon Contact Us - Talk with an amazon associate
  4. Open a ticket with Seller Support by email, phone or chat (I’ve found that chat is generally the quickest method).
  5. Ask the Amazon support associate to “activate the Category Listings Report”.
  6. When the support member has confirmed that the report is active, go into Inventory Reports in Seller Central. One of your report options should now be “Category Listings Report” broken down by product category.
  7. If you sell products that are in multiple categories, you will have to download one report for each relevant category.
  8. This report is only available for 24 hours after activation. Be sure to download all the reports you need before the option disappears!

Category Listings Report Contents

The Category Listings Report contains any product information that you would find in an inventory upload file. There are over 100 headers in a Category Listings Report. This varies across different categories. These are some of the more important possible fields: SKU, Product Name, Product ID, Product ID Type, Brand Name, Product Description, Item Type Keyword, Standard Price, Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, Currency, Product Tax Code,  Shipping Weight,  Key Product Features1, Key Product Features2, Key Product Features3, Key Product Features4, Key Product Features5, Search Terms1, Search Terms2, Search Terms3, Search Terms4, Search Terms5, Platinum Keywords1, Platinum Keywords2, Platinum Keywords3, Platinum Keywords4, Platinum Keywords5, Main Image URL, Other Image URL1, Other Image URL2, Other Image URL3, Other Image URL4, Package Height, Package Width, Package Length, Package Length Unit Of Measure, Package Weight, Package Weight Unit Of Measure, Parentage, Parent SKU, Relationship Type, Colour, Colour Map, Department

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