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Updated 06/06/23

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If you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon, you have probably noticed the bullet points near the image on a product page. These Amazon bullet points are the second attribute that customers read when looking at your product listing and play a major role in their buying decisions.

General bullet point rules

  • 5 bullet limit, so create five attributes in your inventory labeled Amazon Bullet Points 1 – 5
  • Each bullet has a character limit that you can’t exceed, depending on your product category. Look at your category’s style guide. Make sure that these bullets are legible and coherent because customers read and rely highly on these bullet points when deciding to buy.
  • Begin each point with a capital letter
  • It’s suggested to write in fragments, without ending punctuation. However, you’ll want to check the Amazon style guide for your particular category.
  • Start with the most important and eye-catching features then work your way down to less crucial terms
  • Include features like material, shape, and color. Be sure to describe and include the benefits to each feature.
  • If you have extra space, add some background about your company or brand. Even if your brand isn’t well-known or established, customers respond well to brands that make themselves more relatable.
  • Should not contain pricing or promotions
Amazon bullet points example
This product listing’s bullet points are outlined in red.

The example above does not fully utilize the five bullet points available, nor does it maximize the character count available. Including a fifth bullet point, expanding on each of these points, and including more important keywords such as beanie, hat, knit, women’s, pink, and Farmall could help this product appear more frequently in the search results, and could influence more customers to buy the product.

Are you making the profit in Amazon you think you are?Even if you think that certain features are obvious, or inherent in your products use, you should list those features in the bullet points. You want to think like the target customer would. If you were searching for your product, how would you want to find it? Chances are that you wouldn’t start your search with more specific details, but you would certainly include any general descriptors.

These specific details are important too, but the point is sellers MUST include the terms that customers search for most in the bullet points. Many sellers forget to do this –or try not to do this to avoid being redundant. In the long run, it’s better to be slightly redundant on Amazon than to miss out on important search terms.

For example, say we sell basic red t-shirts for men and our current bullet points are:

  • Machine washable
  • Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage

While these are important features about our product, they are not doing a very good job of describing our product to people who are searching for it, and they don’t maximize the character limit of each bullet point. A better example would be:

  • Basic men’s t-shirt made of a long-lasting, comfortable, and machine washable cotton blend
  • Shirt comes preshrunk, so there’s no need to worry about shrinkage in the wash. The size you buy is the size you’ll get!
  • Bright red color is permanent and pre-treated, so this head-turning hue won’t wash out

For more information on writing great Amazon bullet points that will bring in more traffic and drive sales, check out Practical eCommerce’s article on Optimizing Product Content on Amazon.


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  1. don says

    I have searched for a long time trying to find the character allowance for bullet points and your article was the only one that explains it clearly. Everyone else just says 50, 250, 500 etc. but they never say “Each bullet has a 500 character limit” as you did. I never knew if their numbers were for the total or per line.
    Thanks so much.

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