Basic Definitions of Google Ads Video Metrics

Video Campaign Metrics

Impressions: A video impression is counted any time someone sees your video ad. As there are two types of video ads, there are two segments of impression – thumbnail and video. A thumbnail impression refers to someone seeing your in-display thumbnail, while a video impression references someone who saw up to 30 seconds of your in-stream TrueView ad.

View: A view is counted when someone watches your in-stream video ad for 30 seconds or longer. For in-display ads, a view is counted when someone clicks on your thumbnail directing them to your watch page.

View Rate: The view rate is the number of views your ad receives divided by the number of impressions it receives. This metric helps you to better understand what percentage of users actually watches your video compared to just seeing it, allowing you to analyze and reassess whether you’re targeting an ideal demographic for your goals.

Avg. CPV: The average CPV (cost per view) is the average amount you pay each time someone views your ad. It’s calculated by dividing the total cost of all ad views by the total number of views.

Total Cost: The total cost displays the total cost of your video advertising thus far.

Clicks: A click is counted anytime someone interacts with your ad by clicking on it. Clicks are useful in letting you know the affect your call-to-actions may be having in influencing viewers to take action or learn more about your offering.

Video Played to: These quartiles let you know how much of your video is actually being watched. For example, if 40% was listed under the 25% mark, it would mean that 40% of users watched at least 25% of your video. Thus, if 30% was listed under 100%, it would mean 30% of viewers watched your video in full.

CTR: CTR (click-through rate) is defined as the number of clicks your ad receives divided by its number of impressions.

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