How to Set Up Location Targeting & Language Targeting in Adwords

airplane_iconLet’s say you would like to promote a U.S. resort destination in Alaska that matches an affinity group of nature & wildlife aficionados in Germany. How do you go about that? Let’s look at how to set up location targeting and language targeting in Google Adwords.

Create a Campaign for Germany

Before you get started, try to tap into the cultural mindset of your target audience. Read a few German travel & tourism blogs and articles that talk about the Alaska experience from a German point of view.

Set Your Target Location & Language

Select your target location & language at the campaign level. Click the settings tab, scroll to “location”, click “edit” and select “Germany.” Scroll to “languages”, click “edit” and select “German.”

Use German Keywords

Your German travel & tourism research will serve you well finding relevant keywords and creating long-tail versions. You can also use the Google keyword planner and select German for your targeting language in your product category. Be sure to insert your German landing page for German keyword ideas.

Write German Ads

Incorporate your cultural content research and keywords into your ads. Write specific content that matches your ads to your offerings and attractions on your landing page.

Send Traffic to Your German Landing Page


If your Alaska resort website does not already have a “country flag language button” that allows users to switch from the English language version to a German language translated site, at least you want to create a German language landing page as the URL link for your German ads. Be aware that your quality score might be impacted if you incorporate a German landing page onto an English website.

Optimize for success

Test and edit different ads. Run search query reports to find negative keywords. Tweak your landing page if needed.

Wishing your German travelers “bon voyage” to Alaska!

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