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How to Use AdWords Labels

Adwords labels are a great tool for organizing your Adwords campaigns. Easily group products together using common themes, campaign types, start and end dates, Countries, A/B tests, campaign managers, and more.

Labels are super easy to set up, simply click Labels at the bottom of your left menu or click the Labels button to the right of the campaign button when under the campaign section of Adwords:

adwords labels, organize campaigns

Some of our recommended labels include the following:

Account roles

When you have 50+ campaigns in an account, or different people managing different roles – labeling that individual helps designate who controls what. Some users may want a certain set of alerts and others don’t, using labels ensures the correct alerts are assigned to right person. This can also help people track the results of their responsibilities in Google Analytics.

Campaigns with dayparting, scripts or automation rules

If some campaigns are automatically turned on or off based on certain data, labeling those campaigns ensures you only make bulk changes to the correct accounts.

More than once website is managed in an Adwords Account

Sometimes businesses share accounts, using labels for “wholesale website” and “retail website” helps keep things straight when you need to look at one segment of data vs. the other.

Adwords labels for adgroups with similar names

This is especially useful for campaigns that use geo-targeting, or maybe a call only campaign that has the same features or keywords as another non-mobile campaign. Label ad groups so you can sort data at the ad group level and keep common themes organized. Being able to easily group together sales by campaign or ad group is another reason to use this handy built-in tool, well as grouping campaigns by margin or other internal markers.

To learn more about using Adwords labels, visit Google’s help page here.

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