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How To Become an Adsense Publisher

To create an AdSense account, visit Your AdSense account is associated with your Google account. Before your website it approved, Google will check it to make sure it adheres to its AdSense guidelines; in order to get OK’d, you will need to add the AdSense code to your website so Google can access your content.

Once you are approved as an AdSense publisher, you’ll add payment information to your account so that Google can pay you monthly once you’ve surpassed the $100 threshold.

How to Control Which Ads Display on Your Site

After you become a verified user, you can login to your account and create ad units; you can choose sizes, colors and types of ad space, and will be given a code to enter into your website where you want an ad to appear. A publisher can also determine if there are ads they do NOT want to appear on their site.

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The “allow and block ads” tab in your account allows you to control the content that shows on your site, and there are several ways to limit ads.

If there are specific sensitive topics that you’d rather not have advertised on your website, you can block ads that fall into certain categories. If you feel subjects like politics, religious and sex are unsuitable for your audience, you can block them – likewise for general ad categories such as apparel and real estate.

Should you have a competitor that advertises, you can add their site to a list of blocked URLs to keep their ads from showing on your site.

Though certified Google ad networks are allowed, you can block specific third-party ad networks from showing advertisements on your website. You can also choose to block all future ad networks.

You have even further control with the ad review center, where you can view what ads have already appeared on your site as well as ads you’ve blocked in the past. Here you can block individual advertisements that have shown up previously so that they do not show again.

AdSense Website Requirements

AdSense adheres to strict policies that can be found here and Google will disable your account should you not comply.

Aside from the official policies, there are guidelines for websites interested in using AdSense or any other ad network, and the suggestions should be considered before participating in an ad program.

  • If the network has a visitor stipulation, your website should have a high number of unique monthly visitors; anywhere between 10,000 and 25,000 minimum.
  • The traffic source to your site must be natural, not generated through artificial means like commercial emailings.
  • Ad networks require quality content.
  • Websites should load quickly, be easy to navigate and well designed.


Ad networks are a great way for a blogger or publisher to add revenue to their site and a great way for advertisers to reach potentially untapped audiences with specific interests.

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