How to Add Contacts & Schedule Email in Constant Contact

Once you’ve designed and uploaded photos into your email, you’ll want to create a list of recipients to send it to. Create your email list in Constant Contact by clicking “contacts” in the left hand column and then “add contacts.”

You can add multiple contacts by importing from Google, other apps, or from a spreadsheet. You can also add contacts one at a time by pasting email addresses.

Schedule & Send Email

Your email is designed and written; your contacts uploaded. Now what? Now you’re ready to send. Click “home” and then your campaign name. Once you’re back to your email, click “continue. Simply fill in the required details.

  • Send to List: Choose the contact list you wish to send the email to.
  • Subject: Come up with a subject that will catch your customers’ attention and make them want to click and open your email.
  • From Name: The company or the name associated with the business.
  • The From and Reply To Email Address should be filled in with your email. If not, click “add another” and follow the guide.
  • Physical Address: The address of your business will appear at the foot of your email. You can change it by clicking “edit address.”


When you’re done, from the right hand side of the page choose either to send the email now or schedule a specific date and time. Click on “Send me early results” to get reporting and open statistics sent to you. Finally, click “send now” and wait for your results!

Check Your Email Stats

When you’ve given the customers on your email list a chance to see your email, you can log in and check your results.


Click on “reporting” in the left hand column and choose the campaign you want to see analytics on.  This will lead you to the email stats page, where you’ll see how many emails were sent, how many were opened, how many were forwarded, how many bounced, how many of your recipients reported your email as spam, how many unsubscribed, and how many did not open it. Clicking on each value will allow you to see more detail about each statistic.

Now that you know how Constant Contact email works, give it a try!

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