What Is A/B Testing & How Is It Used?

A/B testing is a simple way to compare web page variations to see what performs better. Also called “split testing,” it tests an A version (control) and a B version (variation), which are identical except for one variation that may alter a user’s behavior. The goal is to determine which version is more effective and which version maximizes a particular sought after conversion, like sales, leads, and sign-ups.

Experimenting with one variation at a time will help you determine the exact change that is affecting visitors. You can then make alterations to your website according to what your testing shows is most effective.

By continuing A/B testing over time, you can measure variations and make modifications to improve overall user experience and increase your website conversions.

However, it should be noted that split testing is rarely exclusive to web page variations. It’s often an important practice for testing the effectiveness of ad creative and AdWords campaigns, to maximize your CTR and conversion rate.

AB Testing

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